Lystrophis pulcher care

Feeding Lystrophis pulcher

Feeding these snakes can be tricky. First thing to consider is the frequency. Baby Lystrophis pulcher can be fed every 5 days or so. They have a quick metabolism and grow quickly. Not feeding enough will stun growth and can have negative effects in the long run. Be careful not to overfeed as it can have disastrous results as well. Adults can be fed on a weekly basis.

Once feeding on rodents these snakes are not too much trouble. Young Lystrophis pulcher can however be picky, especially wild caught specimens. These animals can be tricked into eating rodents by scenting these with lizard, toad, salmon or tuna. They will often accept pieces of fish as food but the nutritional value is too low to be the main food source. Once these snakes accept scented rodents, just lower the amount of scent used until the animal is feeding on (dead) rodents on a regular basis.

Baby Lystrophis pulcher are very small, sometimes even to small to eat pinkies whole. In this case you can try to feed pinky heads or mouse tails until the snake is large enough to eat whole pinkies.

When feeding properly, these snakes grow quickly and will reach sexual maturity at about 2 years of age.

We show below a small sample of feed Lystrophis pulcher.

Pinkies newborns - Western hognose food

Pinkies newborns

Larger Pinkies - Western hognose food

Larger Pinkies

Frogs and toads small - Western hognose food

Frogs and toads small

Small lizards - Western hognose food

Small lizards

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