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Why Hognoses & Geckos ENIGMA?

Definition of the word ENIGMA in a dictionary:
"hidden or concealed meaning a person proposes someone to decipher the meaning or give you a solution, as a hobby or entertainment."

Hognoses Enigma

That was the original idea and still prevailing, never referred to the known phase Enigma leopard gecko, but the concept referred to by the same word, search, improving our hognoses and geckos, trying to decipher the best genetics of these reptiles, which is still largely unknown, although we know some of it, so that even today is an "enigma" to all breeders both professional and amateur shows is that each year passes out new colorations and morphologies in breeding geckos, hognoses, reptiles etc.

We here, we want to contribute to the improvement in the reproduction of both Hognoses as geckos, whether it is what proposes the word ENIGMA, is a hidden issue today even for us, the variety of phases in Hognoses and geckos and nature proposes that genes of these animals decipher how they work, and we earnestly seek the answer and of course, entertain ourselves with it, that was our idea to put the word ENIGMA.