Phases Western hognoses wild

The most common line bred wild-type color phases Western hognose are:

  • Red fase Heterodon nasicus
  • Red fase Heterodon nasicus

Red phase:

Red is one of the main base colors found in wild-type hognoses. The red coloration can be intensified by selective line breeding of the most deep red colored specimens. This has resulted in some very high reds, also called extreme reds. Likewise, red can also be diluted by outbreeding, as can all selectively bred line colors. This is what differentiates a line bred trait from a true color or pattern mutation.

  • Blonde o Yellow fase heterodon nasicus
  • Blonde o Yellow fase heterodon nasicus

Yellow phase:

There are many naturally occurring blonde or yellowish tinged hognoses. Just like the other wild color phases, yellow or blonde lines can be improved by selective line breeding. The best extreme yellows can almost look Golden.

  • Green fase Heterodon nasicus
  • Green fase Heterodon nasicus

Green phase:

The nicest Green phase Western hognoses snakes have a light background with grey-green saddles and flecks of dark greenish color son their back and sides. At best they could be described as a type of laurel Green. There are no true bright Green hognoses as are seen in other Green colored snake species.

Proven Western hognose morphs

  • Codominant mutations
    Anaconda / Super-anaconda

    Dominant mutations
    Lemon-ghost, Jaguar, Mocha, RBE Pastel, Shadow

    Recessive mutations
    Albino / Amelanistic, Axanthic, Caramel-albino, Dutch-hypo, Evans-hypo / T + Albino, Lavender, Leucistic, Pink-pastel Albino, Pistachio,
    Smoke-hypo, Toffe-belly

    Unproven mutations
    Banana, Diablo, Leopard, Longhitano Pastel, Shatter-pattern, Spider, Tiger

Photos: Stefan Griep & Raimo Hühn, Michel Klumpers, Brent Bumgardner, Jeff Gallewood Jnr.