Western hognoses care

Feeding Western hognose

The Western hognose belong to the subfamily Xenodontinae snake, have enlarged posterior teeth and a slightly toxic saliva, primarily designed to capture and subdue small prey such as lizards, small rodents, amphibians and occasionally small mammals.

As with other species of heterodones, these snakes are specialized to feed on anurans (frogs and toads) and posterior teeth that have served them to deflate their prey.

The Western hognose babies can start with eating two or three times a week with little or Pinkis mouse pups. Prey size should be being increased as our Heterodon grows. A rule of thumb is to offer prey that are larger than the widest part of the snake Heterodon nasicus.

The Western hognose adults should eat small adult mice every 5 to 7 days.

It is very important not to overfeed our Western hognose snake, since obesity can compromise your health over time.

Sometimes some snakes Western hognose newborn can be difficult to feed them and just accept us frogs or toads. In these cases, if you want to change your habits to eat rodents, can perform some olfactory techniques. In these cases mixing rodents with natural tuna juice, usually works.

The Heterodones nasicus usually eat amphibians in their natural habitat, but a diet of mice is also suitable for them. They can eat both live prey as frozen.

We must avoid feeding chicks in our Western hognose because its nutritional content does not meet the requirements of our snake.

We show below a small sample of feed Western hognose.

Pinkies newborns - Western hognose food

Pinkies newborns

Larger Pinkies - Western hognose food

Larger Pinkies

Frogs and toads small - Western hognose food

Frogs and toads small

Small lizards - Western hognose food

Small lizards

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