About us

After our great experience with leopard geckos, which still remain breeders, because we are still fascinated and showing the fans that remain to be discovered many phases of this fantastic reptile, had some concerns, we wanted to do more and do more than a year we discovered these great snakes, the Western hognoses and now we have a good collection of snakes at this fine genre.

On this website we aim to provide a comprehensive guide for care in captivity, breeding, mutations and morphologies of Western hognoses well as Lystrophis pulcher.

In the different sections you can find all aspects of captive breeding with concise information on your terrariu , feeding, reproduction and common medical problems. Additionally, genetics and identification of all known variations in color and pattern.

This site is intended to be useful for both novice snake owners as well as for experts.

We also want to thank John R. Berry transfer of many of the pictures and information contained on this website, for without the help of this experienced herpetologist our project could not have existed. John R. Berry thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to meet one more of our dreams, the captive breeding of these beautiful reptiles, Western hognoses.